HHO Technology

Coated Titanium Cells Over Stainless Steel

Benefits of Coated Titanium Dry Cells:

  • Clean water. No rust, sludge or slim in dry cells or engine - ever!.

  • No dry cell maintenance. When the water remains clear, no flushing or disassembly is ever required.

  • 20 times more dry cell plate surface area per square inch.

  • More surface area = fewer plates = smaller unit = lighter and easier to install.

  • KOH (Potassium Hydroxide).You can view thousands of videos online of Stainless Steel cells producing gas that has a white foggy appearance. This is steam and the electrolyte leaving the cell and entering your engine. Oxygen and Hydrogen have no visible appearance.

  • Coated titanium costs 3000% (that's 30 times) more than stainless steel. You've heard the old adage 'you get what you pay for. Even still, our dry cell units are competitively priced against other companies using stainless steel.

  • The gas produced from our MMO coated titanium dry cell technology produces only hydrogen and oxygen. Thus, our products produce the purest form of oxyhydrogen available with any cell dry cell design. With NO byproduct gases being formed — this includes chromium, nickel, and iron which is produced by stainless steel dry cell as they deteriorate through the process of electrolysis — far less gas is required to gain results.
  • Lower oxyhydrogen levels means less oxygen passing the O2 sensor. This is the main reason more cars, compared to a stainless system, will improve gas mileage using this system by itself.